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Sense and Synchronicity: Part IV – Talking Sense




Tracking Intuition Tip #4

Listen When You Speak: What You Say Makes A Whole Lot Of Sense

Here’s the truth. As a general rule, when we talk, we think it is so other people can hear us. Talking is often not just an automatic but an autonomic response. What I mean by that is there is often an involuntary and un-examined awareness when we speak.  In light of tracking intuition, it isn’t just the phrase, “think before you speak” that is important, though in most situations it is not only invaluable, it is well, it’s just kind. The important phrase to remember when tracking intuition is “think while you speak.”

I know, I know, all that RESEARCH on multi-tasking has you questioning your ability to do two things at once! I have the absolute (and ab-soul-ute) confidence you will master this new art of actually listening while you speak. You will find out that what you say makes a lot of sense. And on a side note, what you are moved to say is generally very wise and clever, even if that wasn’t your intention!

As I have tracked intuition the last several years with myself, with family and friends as well as clients, I have noticed we give ourselves  so many rich and vital clues in what we say, and we often aren’t paying any attention to it. We are in a Tower of Babble of sorts, all that unexamined talking and it is time to start listening – really listening.  Here are several very simple examples of how the very words and phrases we say comes from a deep place of wisdom and we are often missing out on the word-play because we are not listening to ourselves when we speak.  I know, I know, the doing two things at once can be tricky, but I have faith that you can do this. You know why? Because it is so important to hear yourself clearly because you make a lot of sense(s.)

Here are some little examples of the connections we make:

  • On an episode of Chopped, one of the contestants was running to use something called the blast chiller and one of the judges autonomic response was to say “Cool.”
  • My girlfriend was describing how her son almost passed out in church one day and started the story by saying, “Holy smoke, I thought he was going to faint right there.”  Turns out that coupled with the heat there was incense in church that day, but she was completely unaware of her ‘holy smoke’ comment. It was indeed ‘holy smoke!’
  • The phrase ‘no pun intended’ sums up this experience so completely. I like to say that the pun is the soul’s favorite way to get our attention in a simple, direct way – what I call ‘the power of the pun.’

I have been tracking this for years. I have dubbed it the energy of language or word-play for short and it is a living, sentient expression of directional energy and an often unconscious one. Rather like the Cameron quote above,  you can indeed hear yourself clearly if you are willing to really listen to the energy conveyed in the words you speak. Another simple yet powerful way to begin to track your intuition in the 24/7.

Up next in the final part of our Sense and Synchronicity series:

Tracking Intuition Tip #5

…I will tell you next time!

The Dose

The Dose 
vitamin C for your soul
Sunday, June 9, 2013

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Try another way of looking…try YOU looking and the WHOLE UNIVERSE seeing.


Consciousness…seeing in a WHOLE NEW way.

The Daily Dose

The Daily Dose

vitamin C for your soul


 vine leaf background


Turning over a new leaf…turning over new beliefs.

The Daily Dose

The Daily Dose

vitamin C for your soul

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Consciousness…getting in through the cracks.

And the crannies.
And the crevasses.
Shining through the holes…that’s where the courage comes in.
Just like the tide, let it come in…all the way in.


Sense and Synchronicity: Part III – Exercising Intuition



Tracking Intuition Tip #3

Intuition is not an idea, it’s an experience.

“Briefly, intuition, so viewed, is taken to be an integral process of the mind, which culminates in an act of insight. The process involves reasoning, but the insight in which the process culminates does not. Intuition, is not a form of knowledge; rather it is only one means to knowledge which together with reason, sense-experience, and revelation (in the Heideggerian sense) make possible knowledge and understanding.”  – Hope K. Fitz, Intuition: Its Nature and Uses In Human Experience.

There is a wonderful quote by Jonathan Ellerby that says “inspiration is not an idea, it is an experience.” I think the same may be said for intuition.

In my work as an intuitive coach and consultant, I am often asked questions about developing intuition. I tell people, and this comes directly from my own experience, we lose touch with our innate intuitive ability when we get stuck in the idea of intuition instead of the experience of intuition.

It’s that simple.

So, let’s begin there with how one experiences intuition and then exercises these mind, body and soul muscles. I like the phrase sense-experience. In The Intuitive Gym, my intuitive development program, we create the sense-experience each week as a model for practicing the art and science of intuition.

And intuition, like art or medicine for that matter, takes practice; a lifetime of practice. Begin that new life today with your fresh intuition. As the Ellerby quote suggests, begin by expanding your knowing about the world, YOUR world, through exercising your senses. Intuition isn’t static – like a noun waiting to be defined by others. Intuition is a living-breathing verb and is an invaluable tool and way of being – not just a way of thinking.

Drop your story. Your idea about being intuitive or not being intuitive, or your pre-conceived judgments won’t bring you closer to your intuitive sense. Time to conceive of an intelligent-intuitive YOU.  I know it feels riskier, but I guarantee you, it is a high-octane fuel that will empower your life in unimaginable ways. Time to imagine it.

And that is what tracking intuition is about – feeling, sensing and navigating with new insights and awareness.  So, discover the character of your intuition by its actions, by the inspired insights  that come through the use of your senses…all six of them.

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Tracking Intuition Tip #4

Listen When You Speak: What You Say Makes A Lot Of Sense




Sense and Synchronicity: Part II – Coming to Our Senses



Being thrown of the habitual path is an experience that happens to all of us at one time or another in our lives. The truth is it happens multiple times. And as Tolstoy reflects in the quote above, “it is in the experience of being lost, that we come to our proverbial senses.” And this is the place from which we discover ourselves…all of ourselves.

We spend an inordinate amount of time everyday THINKING we are thinking. The cognitive part of our brain thinks it is the big boss and if we haven’t the time or the inclination, we build a wall around our senses.

So, how do you take that first step back on a new path after all feels lost. Ah, there is the word. Feel. I know, messy huh. But tracking our feelings – what we sense is the very way in to all SIX of our senses. So, here is the tracking intuition tip for this week in the five-part series.

Tracking Intuition Tip #2

Your Sixth Sense is one of your five on steroids.

Your Intuitive-How – Mapping the Muscles

A great and simple way to begin to exercise your intuition and develop it as a tool is to look at your five senses in a new way. The first and most important tool isn’t to understand intuition; it is to understand YOUR intuition.

Your 6th sense is a frame of reference with the 5 senses you already use.

Each of us is a blend, with a few of these being our predominant ways receiving information. We are getting intuitive information all the time. When you understand how you are likely to be getting information, you will be able to lift more “wait” with your right mind!

Why is it important?

  • I always say, once you are aware of your patterns, you are 70% of the way to change. In this case, the change is the increased power and reliability of your intuitive voice. It is important to suspend your disbelief when learning to trust your intuition. Sometimes the impressions we receive make no logical sense, but carry valuable symbolic information for us to decipher.
  • Think back to a time when you acted on your intuition. Do you remember HOW you received the information? Was it a feeling in your body, a thought, an image, a voice, or a sense of knowing? Now try to think of another time. How did you receive that information? And another? Is there a pattern to the information? Once you start to notice a pattern in the way information comes, you will be better able to recognize it as valuable rather than random chatter.
  • When you know your intuitive type, you will notice the clues coming your way IN the way your intuition speaks to YOU.

Time to exercise this “common sense”.  Indeed, it is “here that the new and the good things begin.”



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Tracking Intuition Tip #3

Intuition is not an idea, it is an experience

Sense and Synchronicity


Sense and Synchronicity – A Five Part Mini-Series

Tracking Intuition Tip #1

Synchronicity Makes Sense

As you may have gathered from the title, I am a huge Jane Austen fan. HUGE. I suspect that in a past life, I lived in Bath, a featured location in the Austen’s novels. I was thrilled to travel there with family and friends many years ago and visit the City of Bath, walk the streets of a place so real to me from the novels I had read and the scenes I had watched in favorite BBC shows over the years.

Oh, yes,  I have read the books multiple times and I go on these binge weekends where I will watch my favorite Jane Austen films.  From Pride and Prejudice, to Emma (just happens to be my daughters’ name) to Persuasion, (my personal favorite – but don’t let the others know, I would want anyone of them to feel slighted) to Sense and Sensibility.  I just watched the wonderful Ang Lee film again last week for the umpteenth time.

But I digress.

This isn’t a post about Jane Austen or Sense and Sensibility, (though, I’m tempted) it is about tracking intuition – one sense and one synchronicity at a time. I actually started writing this post several weeks ago and it has sat patiently awaiting my return.

And it is poignant and synchronistic that today is the day because I just pressed the PAUSE button on my Daily Dose subscription. It just went on hiatus while I find sustainable ways to develop that creative work  and bring it to more subscribers. It is hard to leave the familiar routine of the Dose format and offer up something new to you today. Today is the first day in almost a year I didn’t press that send button. Today, I feel vulnerable and exposed as I share something else of my own making with words to inspire your journey.

I am reminded of one of my favorite quotes, and I am tearing up at the synchronicity as I write this. On this day, as I leave the familiar Dose and offering this in its place, I just realized that this happens to be the very quote I used then. First day’s offering then and now. I am stunned. And once again, as I begin something new today, I find the solace and the courage in these words that I sent out to subscribers on June 11, 2012 and here it is again as I start this journey anew today.

You have to leave the city of your comfort and go into the wilderness of your intuition. What you’ll discover will be wonderful, what you’ll discover is yourself.

~Alan Alda

So, let’s go into this new wilderness together.

I hear all the time from clients about my unique way of seeing the world and the wisdom of developing authentic intuition and I want to reflect on some of those tips from my own experience today. So, even though I leave the Daily Dose behind for today, here is a different “dose” of vitamin C for your soul.

As the founder and co-facilitator of an intuitive development program called The Intuitive Gym, my coaching partner Keisha Gallegos and I give each Gym member a private assessment, much like a personal trainer does when assessing your fitness level and current strengths. We apply this same method to assessing intuitive awareness and ability. And our findings thus far are significant. In our assessment, we ask a series of general questions to start.   Take a moment and respond. How true is each statement for you?

1. I use my intuition on a daily basis.

2. I apply my intuitive awareness to all areas of my life.

3. I trust my inner voice.

4. I notice when synchronicity occurs in my life.

5. I trust and act upon my intuition.

How did you answer #4?

Well, I would love to hear how you answered all five if you would like to share.

#4 is a standout in our assessment. Almost every member, to a one, answered in the affirmative.  And this did not surprise me in the least.  Synchronicity is a powerful magnifier of intuition by its very definition.  You are the only one who knows whether an outer experience mirrors and inner one. And when you greet these deeply meaning-full experiences through synchronicity, they awaken something within you. You sense that there is something greater than your own small experience. Synchronicity is expansive and everyone, even when they answer No to question #3 and No to question #5, which most do when they begin, they answer Yes to #4. And that, that is a vital clue.

Start there. Exercise that muscle of recognizing where synchronicity is showing up in your life today. It is taking you to a place of deeper consciousness and connection…and that my friends, that is the place where our authentic intuition resides. And synchronicity is one of the keys to this wild-new kingdom.



Up next in the Sense and Synchronicity Mini-Series:

Tracking Intuition Tip #2

Your Sixth Sense Is One of Your Five on Steroids.




The Daily Dose – The Sun Is Out. The Sun Is…


Fueling the future.
One dreamer at a time.
Dream On.

The Dose “Do” for the Day!

Follow the sun.

Take a moment today and head outside. Yes, head…and body and soul your way outside and find the sun. Or better yet – close your eyes and let the sun find you. Lift up your face, your heart, your burdens to the sun and feel the warmth seep into your skin, into your muscles, into your bones.

It is an act of living we perform much too infrequently.

Whether you spend a lot or a little time outdoors, today, TODAY,  notice what that sun-fuel feels like.  Take your walk following the sun.  Eat your lunch in the sun. Dry your hair in the sun. Take an empty jar out and capture the rays and put it on the shelf in your office, on the kitchen window-sill, or at your bedside table and know, KNOW, that the sun and that energy is fuel –  is warmth – is light.

Wrap yourself today in the quilt of the sun. May it warm you right down to your passion-filled toes.

Then bring that warmth back inside – all the way inside, until you feel your way – until you fuel your way into the light of your life.

Time to wake-up everybody.

The sun is out.

The sun is… in.

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