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Get Fresh with Mary

What are your unique skills and abilities?

“I see the world differently.  I see random bits and pieces as part of a greater whole and I invite clients to connect these into a beautiful mosaic that reflects their true selves. I am a visual intuitive as well as deeply connected to feeling.  I am able to utilize these abilities to tap into the energy of your life like sap from a maple tree.  It is there. I know it.  And I make a wise and compassionate guide into that wilderness, the brave new way to see yourself; to see your beauty and wisdom reflected back to you. I have a profound vocabulary and intelligence yet I am eminently practical and playful.  I am a creative modern magician and a wise sage who is warm and kind. I combine the inquiry of a spiritual teacher, the heart of a coach and the eyes of an intuitive to awaken your world.”

Why do you devote yourself to this work?

“Devotion is such a perfect word.  I am profoundly dedicated to this work.  Symbolically, this work feels like my ‘third’ child.  Ironically, my very first client was my wise and wonderful Dr. Carole Cook (read more about Carole on What’s Fresh) who paid me for some intuitive sessions long before I knew where this work would take me, long before I knew what life was making with me.  Just like I am a mother to my son and my daughter, I feel equally called to nurture this vocation, this passion + purpose.  The life that has evolved through me as I have connected with deep intuitive wisdom is such a grace.  I cannot imagine a life without experiencing people in this deeply intuitive and fresh way. I feel like I was wired for this – “uniquely, deeply, profoundly made, just for this work.”

What happened?  What was the catalyst that lead you to this work?

“I got sick.  Sick and tired, literally.  I was 39 and my life as I knew it fell apart.

I ran smack into the proverbial brick wall that was my life.  And this time, I couldn’t think my way through it.  Whether I liked it or not, it was time to feel.  I was stuck.  And it sucked.  Now the truth was, I was already stuck before the ‘illness’ occurred.  Here’s the short version.  Wife, mother of two, volunteer extraordinaire, part-time administrator and creative artist, and boom – at 39 and I ran into a weird, un-diagnosable, neurological illness. Countless neurologists, tests, and research that was suspicious of MS but no answers.  In retrospect, I was extremely scared and stubborn about this being completely in my body.  Since I knew I wasn’t crazy, I thought there must be a name for what I had. And as brutal as the name MS was, it was better than the limbo life I was living.  Little did I know, that the ‘name’ for what was happening to me would not be found in the medical journals, but in the ancient Hindu text. I was undergoing a spiritual awakening known as a ‘kundalini.’ [koon-dl-ee-nee]. For many, this energy is released through yogic practice, but there have been multiple cases of spontaneous awakenings here in the West.  Going through a kundalini awakening is akin to a near-death experience psychologically. And a profound rebirth. As it turns out, I was grateful for the years of the illness and the Weirdness as I dubbed it because it prepared me for the journey through spiritual awakening.  It took a couple of years to integrate the energy of this awakening, deep study of indigenous healing practices and spiritual texts as well as the modern mystics and sages of our time.  I knew I was to be of service in my own suburban community or like my friends and family like to say, ‘the yogi on the cul-de-sac.’

Though there are several definitions and countless websites on kundalini, I like this simple paragraph from LIVESTRONG.com.”

Read more: http://www.livestrong.com/article/396988-definition-of-kundalini/#ixzz21gr0pBpL

How did it lead you to this work?

“The experience of the awakening  directly pointed the way to being of service.   When one sees reality through a clean and clear lens, sharing about it, being gently guided to service was one of the key elements that came out of this experience.  The energy that is used to keep up the ‘egoic’ structure of our lives, to maintain the drama and illusion is immense.  When the shift happened, I no longer saw myself or the world in the same way and the desire to share this new found peace and freedom was profound.  In the year following the kundalini, I enrolled in  two year energy medicine program at the Academy of Intuition Medicine® in Sausalito.  There I studied with founder and author Francesca McCartney.  Within the first six months of my studies, I knew I wanted to learn to coach others with this work and I applied and was accepted into Martha Beck’s coaching program in January of 2009. I completed both programs in the summer of 2009 and began my work as an intuitive coach and consultant.  I had no idea that my work would evolve in this way. And the truth is – I don’t know where this work with lead me. The truth is it is making me.

What is your passion?

Oh, that is such a hard question because as those who know me will tell you, I have so many. I will say this. I  love when I see someone wake-up to how beautiful they really are and  see themselves clearly. At a retreat this past year, I was asked this question: If you were known globally for something, what would it be?  I answered, “I am known as the woman who sees your beauty and  reflects it back to you.” And that is why I feel called to this work. That is my passion. That experience fills my soul. To be the reflecting glass and the vehicle to put inspired action into the world is such a gift.  When people see, with what I fondly call “their soul eyes” they are freed from the tyranny of their rational mind and liberated to live deeply connected, passionate, authentic, highly intuitive, whole, creative lives. That moves me. Literally. I am on my feet. Cheering wildly.

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