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Work With Mary


Intuitive Coaching

…when you are ready to take inspired action

The word inspired means to imbue with spirit. Action full of spirit, meaning and purpose – even if you don’t feel quite ready for the experience. Hence, a coach. A guide. A compassionate witness to hold your hand while your life unfolds before you in an amazing-technicolor dream. Come and sit with me and get ready not only for your own brilliant wisdom about what you want, but the tools, exercise and the heat of passion to get you ready to take action.

What to Expect

Clarity paired with step-by-step guidance and a balance of practical tools and intuition evoking exercises. A new-found sense of confidence, a grounded-centered self and a new way; a fresh way, to feel empowered in your life choices.

Intuitive coaching with me utilizes imaginative and energetic tools and techniques to lead you to readiness to step into your authentic life. Clients report that the experience of intuitive coaching leads to an essential, grounded, centered empowered self taking authentic action in their life and their life’s work.

Inspired action begins here. Go!