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This is the place to tap the sap of the people, places and things that are fresh, nutritious and delicious soul-food.  As we grow our community of consciousness, here are the offerings, classes, workshops, people, places and resources for this month. Let me know What’s Fresh in your world and the people, communities and events that energize your mind, inspire your heart and awaken your soul.

Summer 2014

The Natural Healers Network is a group of dedicated holistic practitioners who meet monthly to inform, inspire and bounce ideas off one another. Our goal is to build powerful relationships and a depth of resources with the purpose of growing each of our businesses. We support each member to become a more effective and invaluable natural health practitioner.

You can read my guest post, Inspiration is not an idea, it’s an Experience on the Natural Healers Network blog here.

I am a member of this fabulous group and my coaching partner and friend, Keisha Gallegos, is the founder of what I call a party with a purpose. Come on over to have a cocktail, dinner and a workshop with awesome women who want to learn and grow together. Keisha hosts a great meet-up with meaningful life coaching concepts shared in a positive, fun, and social atmosphere. You’ll love it!

  • Carole Cook, MD – Empowering and Nurturing Women Towards Health One Heart at a Time

Carole is on a mission.  A mission to empower and nurture women towards health one heart at a time.  I have been blessed to have Carole as my doctor for the better part of 25 years.  We have joined in this collaboration to be of service to women and create experiences and services that will inspire and awaken lives. Each month on Carole’s website under Services, there will be a fabulous array of workshops and classes offered each month. Whether your interest is art or exercise, cooking or intuition, dreams or health, we have a wealth of classes to feed your mind, body and soul – literally, something for everyone and something for every part of you. Go there…now.

Fresh Intuition Women’s Circle is a place to explore women’s spirituality, spiritual awakening, empowerment, energy and  intuition with my own fresh twist.  I will host the circle each month and I invite you to a space where we can support and nurture the awakening spirit of living consciously, deliberately, and intentionally a full mind, body and spirit-filled life. I will create experiences each month that feel like soul food and I invite you into the circle of your own life to nurture, feed and exercise this spiritual muscle.

Join the Circle today!

Tuesday, May 20th

Circle #2:  Exploring Spiritual Technology

7:00 pm – 9:30 pm


Saturday, June 7th

Blossoming Into Your Vision

9:30 am – 4:30 pm PT



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