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The Daily Dose – The Sun Is Out. The Sun Is…


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The Dose “Do” for the Day!

Follow the sun.

Take a moment today and head outside. Yes, head…and body and soul your way outside and find the sun. Or better yet – close your eyes and let the sun find you. Lift up your face, your heart, your burdens to the sun and feel the warmth seep into your skin, into your muscles, into your bones.

It is an act of living we perform much too infrequently.

Whether you spend a lot or a little time outdoors, today, TODAY,  notice what that sun-fuel feels like.  Take your walk following the sun.  Eat your lunch in the sun. Dry your hair in the sun. Take an empty jar out and capture the rays and put it on the shelf in your office, on the kitchen window-sill, or at your bedside table and know, KNOW, that the sun and that energy is fuel –  is warmth – is light.

Wrap yourself today in the quilt of the sun. May it warm you right down to your passion-filled toes.

Then bring that warmth back inside – all the way inside, until you feel your way – until you fuel your way into the light of your life.

Time to wake-up everybody.

The sun is out.

The sun is… in.