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Intuitive Mentoring

 When you are ready to let intuition lead.

“To say that working with Mary Welty-Dapkus has been anything short of transformational would be an understatement.  Her guidance, coaching, and extraordinary insight have supported my life in incredible ways the past two years we’ve been working together.  Not only is Mary skilled, she is also highly professional and committed.  I could not recommend a better guide for any phase of life’s journeys.”

~ Rebekkah Dilts

Intuitive mentoring is for anyone who understands that they are intuitive and wants to dive in deep.  This is the ideal program for those who are in a profession where they want to use intuition as a tool for personal and professional growth. Get ready to rock your intuition and your business.

What to Expect

Intuitive mentoring sessions are highly personalized for each client. One can expect to learn to understand their own intuitive type or their pre-dominant intuitive how, to understand how to let the mind work in concert to appreciate and activate intuitive insights and knowledge, to learn to recognize patterns, symbolic information and universal archetypes and to tap into your own intuitive leadership to use with your own clients or relationships in business or your personal life’s work.

“When You’re Ready To Let Intuition Lead”

Half Day, Full Day and Intuitive Coaching Mentorship Intensives available on a client by client, case by case basis. Contact me if you have an interest in co-creating with me for clarity, accountability and partnership as you take your life and your business to the next stage no matter how small or large the next stage feels to you. If you are curious about this offering, let your intuition be your guide with me as the facilitator.

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