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The Daily Dose – Vitamin C for Your Soul

February 2013 092.03

Consciousness…the incandescent way to see.

Dip into the radiance before you.
Immerse into the radiance within you.
Splash the radiance OF you.

You are positively shimmering in this light.

As many of you know, I create the Daily Dose, an M-F email subscription of visual vitamin C – consciousness.  Each Monday, I will feature one of Doses for the week on the blog.  Last Monday was “Eeny, Meeny, Miny, MOI.”  Today’s Dose is “Radiance Bathe.”

Daily transformation, sometimes soul-busting, pain-staking transformation,  is what inspires me to be, do, and feel more expanded and filled with the light of possibility than the limitations of fear and regret.  I am transformed by how I see the world each and everyday.  So, as I have shared, I love how the original photo I start with is transformed in the process of creating the Dose.

Here is a before and after of this week’s offering.  When I was in Phoenix visiting my mother a few weeks ago, my sister Lisa brought my mother a bouquet of beautiful flowers.  Brilliant purple tulips, and orange and white ranunculus. A visual feast for the eye. I took several pictures of the bouquet and the picture of the white ranunculus was the one I played with at PicMonkey.  An the results were, dare I say, radiant.


February 2013 092


February 2013 092.03


May you have the courage to see with new eyes, to be transformed by what the light reveals, and to see yourself and the world anew today. Just for today.

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