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5th Annual

Fresh Intuition Women’s Book Luncheon & Workshop

Sunday, October 7th 2018

History Club of Los Gatos

11:30 am

Mary Welty-Dapkus, founder and CEO of Fresh Intuition Coaching, is thrilled to welcome the magical and wondrous Sarah Bamford Seidelmann, featured luncheon author and speaker for the 2018 Fresh Intuition Women’s Book Luncheon and afternoon workshop “Finding Your FEEL GOOD on the Hero’s Journey”

Join us for this fabulous day of wonderful women, great food, and the funny, warm and wise Sarah for a not-to-be-missed experience! It will be a day to delight in connections and surprises and to “follow your feel good to an absurdly fantastic life!”

Meet Sarah Bamford Seidelmann

SARAH BAMFORD SEIDELMANN was a physician living a nature-starved, hectic lifestyle until a walrus entered her life and changed everything. She is an instructor for coaches at the Martha Beck Institute and 3 year graduate from Michael Harner’s Foundation for Shamanic Studies, and is author of Swimming with Elephants (Conari Press, 2017) and Born to FREAK: A Salty Primer for Irrepressible Humans. She lives in northern Minnesota. You can learn more about Sarah by visiting her website Follow Your Feel Good! followyourfeelgood.com.

The Book

“After two decades in the study and practice of medicine, Sarah Seidelmann took a three month sabbatical to search for a way to feel good again. Having witnessed human suffering early in her career and within her own family, she longed for a way to address more than just the physical needs of her patients and to live in a lighter, more conscious way.

Swimming with Elephants tells the eccentric, sometimes poignant, and occasionally hilarious experience of a working mother undergoing a bewildering vocational shift from physician to shamanic healer. During that tumultuous period of answering her call, Sarah met an elephant who would become an important spirit companion on her journey, had bones thrown for her by a shaman in South Africa, and traveled to India for an ancient Hindu pilgrimage, where she received the blessing she had been longing for. Ultimately, she discovered an entirely different way of healing, one that she had always aspired to, and that enabled her to help those who are suffering.”

The Workshop

“Finding Your FEEL GOOD On the Hero’s Journey“

Join Sarah Bamford Seidelmann for this two hour afternoon workshop as we track and “follow our feel good.”

Hello Dear creators of WONDER and MAGIC! I am so excited to have the opportunity to spend a bit of time with you!

Have you been longing to take action on your dream but you haven’t been? Or maybe it’s just felt so damn hard that you have been taking a breather from all of it? Or maybe it’s been feeling like something is missing…and if you had that something…things might go a bit easier?

We are going to gather as like minded heroes and connect heart-to-heart and soul-to-soul. This is one of the most powerful things we can do when we are heroes —isolation is dangerous. We need solitude- YES but isolation- that’s no good!

I have planned an experience that will give you an opportunity to:

  1. Share your dreams out loud (this is necessary and awesome!)
  2. Unlock a powerful personal story and
  3. Discover something that’s been holding you back so that you can continue ONWARD in your own Hero’s Journey.
  4. Create a vision of this dream to empower it.

I hope you will join me!

Much love and the courage of 3 honey badgers,


Please bring:

Journal and Pen

The Luncheon

Delicious fresh luncheon awaits — more details to come!

The 2018 Women’s Book Luncheon welcomes back the Go2Galz (Suzan and Tania) and their team! Gracious hospitality awaits us with their services and support again this year.

Door Prizes A’Plenty


A Fresh Intuition coaching session, fabulous jewelry from Lost In Paris, a Go2Galz basket of goodies and our annual fabulous handbag are just some of the great prizes back again this year! All proceeds from the Door Prizes drawing will be donated to this year’s charity – still waiting to be announced.


 Tickets! Tickets! Tickets!

Option #1 

Best Value

Luncheon + Workshop


What’s Included?

-The Women’s Book Luncheon

-Workshop: “Find Your Feel Good on The Hero’s Journey”

-A signed copy of Swimming With Elephants

-10 Door Prize Tickets*

*(All proceeds from the Door Prize Drawing will be donated to Pets In Need.)

This event is sold out for 2018!

Option #2

Luncheon Plus


What’s Included?

-The Women’s Book Luncheon

-A signed copy of Swimming With Elephants

-5 Door Prize Tickets*

(*All proceeds from the Door Prize Drawing will be donated to Pets In Need.)

This event is sold out for 2018!

Option #3

Luncheon Only


What’s Included?

-The Women’s Book Luncheon

-One Door Prize Ticket*

(*All proceeds from the Door Prize Drawing will be donated to Pets In Need.)

This event is sold out for 2018!

Other Tasty Treats

  • There will be books available for purchase and signing at the luncheon as well as additional books to buy for friends and family. Book signing at the event.
  • The buffet lunch will be will feature a variety of healthy, fresh and delicious food. There will be gluten-free and vegan selections. Please contact me here with specific dietary requests.
  • There will be an opportunity to connect and network at the event. Please bring business cards, flyers and literature about your business and/or community passions and projects to share at our What’s Fresh Community table.
  • If you are interested in underwriting this event as an Event sponsor, please message me here for more information. Your sponsorship will off-set speakers fees and rental costs or underwrite the flowers and favors. Your sponsorship also helps to support our donation to our charity this year and is a great way to showcase your business at the event.

Join us for this Fresh Intuition event where Mary is energizing minds, inspiring hearts and awakening souls

one delicious experience at a time.

 Learn more about Sarah and Swimming With Elephants.

Learn more about the Go2Galz and their events and services.

Connect with Mary here for Event Questions.

So, which Option Will You Choose?

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