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Putting The Blocks Behind You

"Do the difficult things while they are easy and
do the great things while they are small.
A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step."
-Lao Tzu
Dear Friends,

How many times have you heard yourself say “There are so many blocks in my way,” – “I’m blocked and I can’t figure out a way to move forward.” Or “I am stuck. The blocks are just too big – I can’t move them.”


I can safely say I am in the 1,000,000 times camp! There have been so many times during my life that I have felt incredibly stuck. I have been challenged time and again by circumstances and obstacles that seemingly blocked the path.

Until they didn’t.

Until I truly was able to SEE the BLOCKS in an entirely new way.

The power of language and the energy of words literally “stops us in our tracks” everyday as the mind gets stuck in only one way of seeing something. In my work as an intuitive coach and consultant, finding creative solutions that “solve for X” is an essential part of my work.

I was working with a client recently and she said one of those key phrases above  – “the blocks are in my way.” And this image, much like the one of the runner in the BLOCKS above, appeared in my mind’s eye. “Ah ha, these are blocks too,” I thought. I was able to see clearly that the blocks she spoke of weren’t actually in front of her, barring her way. No, a much deeper, truer and freer image appeared – the blocks were behind her, giving her something to push against, readying her for take-off. 

15589874 - athletic starting block with runners on track
When I shared the image and insight with her, she started to cry. A “wait” had lifted and shifted. The power of perception and the energy of words had trapped her. The proverbial brick wall in front of her now became the very catalyst that would propel her forward. In that tilt of the kaleidoscope moment, everything changed. Everything.

What’s seemingly blocking your way? Notice what happens when you put the blocks behind you and push off. You are on your way. And LIFE, your life, is cheering you on to victory.


Sense and Synchronicity: Part III – Exercising Intuition



Tracking Intuition Tip #3

Intuition is not an idea, it’s an experience.

“Briefly, intuition, so viewed, is taken to be an integral process of the mind, which culminates in an act of insight. The process involves reasoning, but the insight in which the process culminates does not. Intuition, is not a form of knowledge; rather it is only one means to knowledge which together with reason, sense-experience, and revelation (in the Heideggerian sense) make possible knowledge and understanding.”  – Hope K. Fitz, Intuition: Its Nature and Uses In Human Experience.

There is a wonderful quote by Jonathan Ellerby that says “inspiration is not an idea, it is an experience.” I think the same may be said for intuition.

In my work as an intuitive coach and consultant, I am often asked questions about developing intuition. I tell people, and this comes directly from my own experience, we lose touch with our innate intuitive ability when we get stuck in the idea of intuition instead of the experience of intuition.

It’s that simple.

So, let’s begin there with how one experiences intuition and then exercises these mind, body and soul muscles. I like the phrase sense-experience. In The Intuitive Gym, my intuitive development program, we create the sense-experience each week as a model for practicing the art and science of intuition.

And intuition, like art or medicine for that matter, takes practice; a lifetime of practice. Begin that new life today with your fresh intuition. As the Ellerby quote suggests, begin by expanding your knowing about the world, YOUR world, through exercising your senses. Intuition isn’t static – like a noun waiting to be defined by others. Intuition is a living-breathing verb and is an invaluable tool and way of being – not just a way of thinking.

Drop your story. Your idea about being intuitive or not being intuitive, or your pre-conceived judgments won’t bring you closer to your intuitive sense. Time to conceive of an intelligent-intuitive YOU.  I know it feels riskier, but I guarantee you, it is a high-octane fuel that will empower your life in unimaginable ways. Time to imagine it.

And that is what tracking intuition is about – feeling, sensing and navigating with new insights and awareness.  So, discover the character of your intuition by its actions, by the inspired insights  that come through the use of your senses…all six of them.

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