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A Path of Plenitude

44177049 - picturesque landscape at sunset of the wetland, a long straight path across the lagoon in the natural reserve valli di comacchio, near ferrara, emilia romagna, italy

The rest of the line reads:

“A path of plenitude opening before you” or as I am reading it “A path of plenitude opening before me.”

I was at a day-long writing retreat on Saturday, January 7th with the fabulous Ali M. and one of the exercises she created was to pick a line that speaks to us from the John O’Donohue poem For A New Beginning.

A path of plenitude stood out for me.

Who is this me?

I am.

Who receives this plenitude?

I am.

Who journeys on this path?

I am.

For many years, the attitude, the frustration, the fear is: I’ve experienced or journeyed on a “path of scarcity.”

Not enough.

And this time of “not enoughness” has in fact brought me the MOST life, love, and grace. It has also brought me to the edge.

Consciousness, awareness, awake-ness has brought me to the edge of plenitude. Being at home with more. Deeply experiencing fullness and yet knowing that emptiness is the same thing – the same sinewy substance as fullness.

My mind goes to what’s in between this emptiness…this fullness, and the response was ‘satisfaction.’

Feeling satisfied.

Feeling full of well-being.

Enough-ness. Not too muchness.

I’m clear that I want more in the areas of life that have felt like deprivation.

What are those?

I know it’s in the arena of actual money.

There is an in-debted-ness that comes in the form of taxes and I want – I need – to be debt-free.

I notice as I write this, there is a knowing that some part of me has made peace with the indebtedness. The fear + frustration though hang about in the air, like CO2 bombs threatening to cut off the oxygen supply – shackle me to a path of plenitude in hell.

Interesting, my friend Cynthia talked yesterday about a place between death and resurrection. There is a tomb time,  a visitation to the underworld to be with the shadows, the shades, the reconciliation.

I have spent so long pushing away,

                                                             pushing off,

                                                                                 pushing down.

Life in-between.

I talk so often about the space in-between.

What is it like to live for a time accepting and peaceful in this limbo?

I sense that the moment there is acceptance, there is no limbo-ness – no limbo-mess.

It ceases to be. Because “limbo” is a mental construct and as the mind shifts – limbo dissolves.


-Mary’s Musings

January 7th, 2017

You Whelm It Well

I know that many of us feel at times overwhelmed with all there is to do – all the ways we are asked to show up.

As my intuitive coaching practice has taken off this year, I have so many clients who consult with me because they are seeking a clarity on their life path and feel overwhelmed with the hectic 24/7 pace in their lives.  After several clients reported this same sense of overwhelm, I found myself curious as to the meaning of whelm.  If we are ‘over’ something, then where is the balance?

So, I went to my favorite source – the dictionary – to find the meaning of whelm.

Whelm: a verb; to engulf or submerge.

Well, the meaning and energy of whelm inspired me to give what I called practicing whelm as an exercise for my clients. One client described her sense of overwhelm as the desire to just drive off the highway and keep going. Another, the inability to let herself create art until all the tasks on the proverbial to-do list were done, which of course they never were and a third who is such a pillar of strength for others that she was literally not able to stand on her own as her health had declined.

In each instance, I suggested an activity or exercise that gave them the opportunity to submerge for a time, to go off road, to take the art break, to let go of a task or an event at work, and just dive underneath the surface of their life’s for five minutes… 10 minutes… 30 minutes and practice whelm without the wait. You see, when we put off balancing our hectic outer lives with our quiet inner life, then the weight of whelm takes over.Women in particular as the nurturer/caretaker often use these descriptors of their emotional landscape – “I feel trapped in a box with no way out,” “I’m drowning,” “I feel weighed down by my life,” or “I’m suffocating.” If you hear yourself say these words this month, take note. Listen to that small, still voice asking to practice whelm. Listen to that voice asking to submerge and sit in the silence for a few moments.

Stretch the body, have a bite to eat, close your eyes and rest. And you will discover this: when you whelm it well – here’s the paradox:

You’ll know when it is time to come back up to the surface and breathe. Practice whelm. It does a mind, heart and soul good!




The Daily Dose

The Daily Dose

vitamin C for your soul

Photo Dec 10, 4 29 07 PM.01

 Photo Credit: Madison Altendorf

Photo Editor and Designer: Mary Welty-Dapkus

Consciousness…getting in through the cracks.

And the crannies.
And the crevasses.
Shining through the holes…that’s where the courage comes in.
Just like the tide, let it come in…all the way in.


Sense and Synchronicity


Sense and Synchronicity – A Five Part Mini-Series

Tracking Intuition Tip #1

Synchronicity Makes Sense

As you may have gathered from the title, I am a huge Jane Austen fan. HUGE. I suspect that in a past life, I lived in Bath, a featured location in the Austen’s novels. I was thrilled to travel there with family and friends many years ago and visit the City of Bath, walk the streets of a place so real to me from the novels I had read and the scenes I had watched in favorite BBC shows over the years.

Oh, yes,  I have read the books multiple times and I go on these binge weekends where I will watch my favorite Jane Austen films.  From Pride and Prejudice, to Emma (just happens to be my daughters’ name) to Persuasion, (my personal favorite – but don’t let the others know, I would want anyone of them to feel slighted) to Sense and Sensibility.  I just watched the wonderful Ang Lee film again last week for the umpteenth time.

But I digress.

This isn’t a post about Jane Austen or Sense and Sensibility, (though, I’m tempted) it is about tracking intuition – one sense and one synchronicity at a time. I actually started writing this post several weeks ago and it has sat patiently awaiting my return.

And it is poignant and synchronistic that today is the day because I just pressed the PAUSE button on my Daily Dose subscription. It just went on hiatus while I find sustainable ways to develop that creative work  and bring it to more subscribers. It is hard to leave the familiar routine of the Dose format and offer up something new to you today. Today is the first day in almost a year I didn’t press that send button. Today, I feel vulnerable and exposed as I share something else of my own making with words to inspire your journey.

I am reminded of one of my favorite quotes, and I am tearing up at the synchronicity as I write this. On this day, as I leave the familiar Dose and offering this in its place, I just realized that this happens to be the very quote I used then. First day’s offering then and now. I am stunned. And once again, as I begin something new today, I find the solace and the courage in these words that I sent out to subscribers on June 11, 2012 and here it is again as I start this journey anew today.

You have to leave the city of your comfort and go into the wilderness of your intuition. What you’ll discover will be wonderful, what you’ll discover is yourself.

~Alan Alda

So, let’s go into this new wilderness together.

I hear all the time from clients about my unique way of seeing the world and the wisdom of developing authentic intuition and I want to reflect on some of those tips from my own experience today. So, even though I leave the Daily Dose behind for today, here is a different “dose” of vitamin C for your soul.

As the founder and co-facilitator of an intuitive development program called The Intuitive Gym, my coaching partner Keisha Gallegos and I give each Gym member a private assessment, much like a personal trainer does when assessing your fitness level and current strengths. We apply this same method to assessing intuitive awareness and ability. And our findings thus far are significant. In our assessment, we ask a series of general questions to start.   Take a moment and respond. How true is each statement for you?

1. I use my intuition on a daily basis.

2. I apply my intuitive awareness to all areas of my life.

3. I trust my inner voice.

4. I notice when synchronicity occurs in my life.

5. I trust and act upon my intuition.

How did you answer #4?

Well, I would love to hear how you answered all five if you would like to share.

#4 is a standout in our assessment. Almost every member, to a one, answered in the affirmative.  And this did not surprise me in the least.  Synchronicity is a powerful magnifier of intuition by its very definition.  You are the only one who knows whether an outer experience mirrors and inner one. And when you greet these deeply meaning-full experiences through synchronicity, they awaken something within you. You sense that there is something greater than your own small experience. Synchronicity is expansive and everyone, even when they answer No to question #3 and No to question #5, which most do when they begin, they answer Yes to #4. And that, that is a vital clue.

Start there. Exercise that muscle of recognizing where synchronicity is showing up in your life today. It is taking you to a place of deeper consciousness and connection…and that my friends, that is the place where our authentic intuition resides. And synchronicity is one of the keys to this wild-new kingdom.



Up next in the Sense and Synchronicity Mini-Series:

Tracking Intuition Tip #2

Your Sixth Sense Is One of Your Five on Steroids.




The Daily Dose – Vitamin C for Your Soul

February 2013 092.03

Consciousness…the incandescent way to see.

Dip into the radiance before you.
Immerse into the radiance within you.
Splash the radiance OF you.

You are positively shimmering in this light.

As many of you know, I create the Daily Dose, an M-F email subscription of visual vitamin C – consciousness.  Each Monday, I will feature one of Doses for the week on the blog.  Last Monday was “Eeny, Meeny, Miny, MOI.”  Today’s Dose is “Radiance Bathe.”

Daily transformation, sometimes soul-busting, pain-staking transformation,  is what inspires me to be, do, and feel more expanded and filled with the light of possibility than the limitations of fear and regret.  I am transformed by how I see the world each and everyday.  So, as I have shared, I love how the original photo I start with is transformed in the process of creating the Dose.

Here is a before and after of this week’s offering.  When I was in Phoenix visiting my mother a few weeks ago, my sister Lisa brought my mother a bouquet of beautiful flowers.  Brilliant purple tulips, and orange and white ranunculus. A visual feast for the eye. I took several pictures of the bouquet and the picture of the white ranunculus was the one I played with at PicMonkey.  An the results were, dare I say, radiant.


February 2013 092


February 2013 092.03


May you have the courage to see with new eyes, to be transformed by what the light reveals, and to see yourself and the world anew today. Just for today.

If you are interested in receiving this visual daily Dose of inspiration to your inbox, you can learn more about this Fresh Intuition offering here.


The Daily Dose – vitamin C for your soul

February 2013 081.02


Catching consciousness.

Better yet – get caught.

C’ing yourself in a whole new way.

And Moi, you are looking très magnifique.

This is the Dose.

I create them.

Yup. I do.

And no one is more surprised by this than eeny, meeny, miny…MOI!

Let me give you a brief history of The Dose and how this creative fuel has changed lives. Starting with mine.

  • Heard about Pinterest last spring – one GIANT online bulletin board. A huge oversimplification but you get the idea. I resisted, too much going on.
  • Attended a networking meeting March 2012 about social media that featured…Pinterest.  I stopped resisting.
  • Fell in LOVE with Pinterest but discovered I wanted to CREATE my OWN posters.  Only one problem. I didn’t have a clue how to do it.
  • Got a CLUE!  I got a bunch of them which included a camera, a few simple software tools, some “fresh intuition”, a healthy dose of passion and a desire to create that was so strong, there was no turning back. (And believe me, sometimes I think what have I gotten myself into!)
  • Launched the Daily Dose – vitamin C for your soul my simple and highly visual campaign for consciousness and offered it to the subscribers of my monthly newsletter in June 2012.
  • Stopped the Dose on the VERY first day when someone unsubscribed and I thought – “oh, sh**, maybe people don’t want this, maybe I am not suppose to do this?”  HUGE crisis of confidence.  But the urge to create was even stronger. So…
  • I put on my courageous and creative BIG girl pants and here I AM, EIGHT months later creating FIVE posters a week for my growing list of “fresh” fans.
  • Which has led to friends Colleen and Madison Altendorf and Wendy Squire lending their creative eye and photos along with my own and a smattering of Microsoft Images for what I call “Dose fodder.” I have heard from scores of other people who have shared the Dose, who quote what consciousness has to say, shared a note with me about how they feel inspired, heard, seen, felt and touched in their daily lives. We are all coming to our senses. But that is a post for another day.

Huh, what a little Dose will do! A little like the children’s book “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie.”  Watch what happens with that creative spark…it turns into fire.

Now, here is an example of the creative fun I have ‘seeing’ a finished Dose out of all my potential creative options each week.

I am highly visual and I generally start with the picture.  I drop it in PicMonkey and put it through the creative ringer until I land on a combination that pleases my eye. Then the words. More wrangling with text, fonts, spacing, layout and impact. Then, into Mailchimp where I then drop the image in my daily campaign and I write the copy for what “Consciousness” has to say about the wise words or quote on the poster. I then schedule the Dose to be delivered to YOU.  (Unless you aren’t on the Dose yet, then head on over here and get fresh.)

My favorite part of the Dose creative process is the transformation of the image into the final poster. Hmmmmmmmmmm, not unlike the process of coaching someone and seeing them transform right before my eyes.  I will likely drop YOU in the photo editor and then into a campaign for your own creative unleashing in the world…for your own dose of conscious insight. So, you may have come for the Dose, but check out the Coach.

Here are a few of my favorite Dose transformations. And indeed, the curiosity about transformation, creativity and change is what keeps my eye coming back to the page day after day after day.

013This grand Gerber daisy from a bouquet from a friend became this.

The quote says, “you are brilliant and the earth is hiring.”

Photo Dec 10, 4 22 01 PM

And this moss on the tree photo from Madison became this.

Heroes take journeys

The quote says, “heroes take journeys, confront dragons and discover the treasure of their true selves.”


February 2013 081

And today’s Dose? It was created last night from a photo of a stack of coasters on my sister Amy’s coffee table this weekend. I was in town visiting and noticed a bunch of “Dose fodder” at her house.  I arranged the coasters thus and it became this.

February 2013 081.02


So, take a moment today and find yourself as the Dose prompts.

What is the MOI in you?

Where is the fresh MOI in your day?

A little Dose will do ya.

Welcome to My World


I love this title. It has become the gold standard in first time blog posts and today is the day! The official launch of my website and blog.

It is hard to believe that this day has arrived. With any long term project, especially one with a long birthing process, that last little bit can take the longest. It has indeed been a journey of a thousand miles and today the wait is over.

The truth is, I had to see myself in a whole new way to have this website.  And I have discovered that seeing ourselves in a fresh and clear way happens each and every day.   Hmmm, rather like this one little button that I have learned to press as I have loaded copy on these pages. It’s called – update.

I can see many of you nodding your heads with that exasperated look of knowing on your little face.  Because, if you have just loaded a lot of new content onto a page and you don’t press that little blue button, (in my world now it is a little blue button) that says UPDATE, you will lose all the new information that you just put on the page.

And that, THAT is the very experience that happens to each of us every single moment of every single day. We fail to press the update button.

Well, not today. Today I am pressing an almost year long update button to see myself clearly; to recognize growth and change in myself and to cut away the losses and the gains. Yes, the gains.  They both hold me back.  What I have experienced today, fresh, wisely, authentically is what gets updated.  That is what is fresh on the page.

So, welcome to Fresh Intuition. The new home to my intuitive coaching and consulting practice.  I have so many delicious and nutritious ways to connect, from the Daily Dose, my Monday – Friday offering of vitamin C for your soul. The poster here on the page is one of many daily offerings. Visit with me on the Work With Mary page and learn more about my coaching and intuitive consultations, read about me, my work and the generous heart-felt raves from some of my clients or hop on over to What’s Fresh which will feature a variety of events, classes and offerings in the community.

There have been so many who have walked beside me this last year as I have created this home on the internet highway for you to stop and set a spell. Here are a few by name and deep appreciation to the countless others who have lent an eye, ear, shoulder and other various body parts in support. You know who you are.

By name, I want to acknowledge Laurie Foley, who saw me so clearly from the beginning of our work together and ‘tapped the sap’ outta me. I would indeed not have imagined what was possible if Laurie hadn’t lent me her view of me for a time and invited me to step through that wee door that opened to a brave new world.  Laurie, I am forever grateful.  To Tzaddi Gordon at ThriveWire, the designer and my collaborative partner for these past several months.  Brava!  It was a long and winding road to get here, and you hung in there with me. Your patience, your calm and clear insights, your willingness to go back to the creative drawing board and your enormous talent and creative gifts, I say a heartfelt thank you. Melanie Gill, thank you for your way with words, your turn of a phrase, your pulling together all the words, and you know I have a million of them, and crafting a word-ship that held water and will make this long journey and Maryna Smuts for your right-arm and your left the last few weeks with all the technical bells and whistles, calendars and carts, to streamline the process for my clients, those who are already here and those to come.

And finally, to my friends and family, Kate, Lisa, Colleen, Rebekkah, Keisha and to my family, my dear Drew, Max and Emma for reviewing every new design, each edit, unending pages of copy and at times unanswerable questions as I worked my way through the months of development and all the emotions that went with it, I simply say “I love you…truly, madly, deeply.”

A special tribute to my mother, Jeannie O’Craighan, who has dreamed of this day with me. She has been my champion and my muse and has read, and cheered and laughed and cried with me as I have shown up to do this work in the world.  Thank you Mumma for shining your light on me each and everyday. She has her own journey now as she makes her way after a stroke at the end of December 2012.  We are shining the light back on you. I love you so very, very much.

And bless you all, because now that the website is up, the book is next!

Again, welcome to Fresh Intuition. I hope you will stay a while in this clean, well-lighted place to see yourself. To be yourself.


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