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What can I expect from an intuitive coaching session?

This process is collaborative and focused on YOU. You will experience surprising insight plus a strong sense of direction and alignment. Clients report significant ah ha’s and feel ready to move forward after a coaching session.

I am a master at seeing connections and patterns. In addition to being a natural intuitive, I hold a master certification from the Academy of Intuition Medicine and am also a certified Martha Beck Life Coach.

An intuitive coaching session with me is an opportunity to gather information and insights from all the potential sources in your life and then bring those to the surface. It gives a fresh perspective and often a big picture approach to where you are stuck. After our session, you are then able to take in this new information, digest it, and experience a fresh insight thus moving you forward where you once were stuck.

An intuitive coaching session utilizes imaginative and energetic tools and techniques to lead you to readiness to step into your authentic life. Clients report that the experience of intuitive coaching leaves them feeling, grounded, centered and empowered.

If you’re facing a big decision or moving through change, professional intuitive coaching can give you a helpful perspective. Sign up today for a free 30 min personalized intuitive coaching session.

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